FULL FILM | Sergio Aguero, David Silva & Vincent Kompany | City Forever: The Story of our Statues

Man City are delighted to bring you this full length film looking at the creation of our first ever Statues by sculptor Andy Scott. Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Vincent Kompany had many highlights at City, so it was only fitting their amazing goals, tackles & skills were turned into statues.

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  • Fernandinho last man standing

  • To Andy Scott ... the Scot, thank you very much for your beautiful work :)

  • Pablo bleeds Blue ... doesn't need a statue I know what he did for us

  • God I miss kompany so much now

  • klub ghoib lawak...

  • thats a lot of emotions


  • Man City sucks😂

  • What a brilliant sculptor, thank you for immortalizing these City legends

  • Does anyone know the song at 33:30 ??

  • Big repect to my legends CTID

  • This is nonsense, hardly legends at any scale or level. No Champions League... and they are legends? It's like City are trying to buy themselves some history... I mean Kompany? Silva? Aguero (though Sergio I can understand... hardly a Maradona though).

  • Need a Yaya Toure statue too


  • Please yaya toure

  • Where is yaya toure.This shows clear racism he was better than all the three

  • I agree but where would you stop we've had some great player's so I don't know how to pick between them

  • The spine was kompany, yaya, silva and aguero - yet Yaya didnt get a statue??

  • Yaya....yaya..yaya🗣🗣🗣

  • I still don't understand why we let David go so early. He could've brought us so much more under Pep.

  • There's nothing that David Silva did for City that Yaya Toure didn't do x2

  • Thnank you City for such wonderfull films!!!!

  • City legend

  • Citizens Indonesia 🔵🇮🇩

  • Whoever puts these videos together needs a bloody pay rise! Awesome 😎

  • OHHHH💙 im from Indonesian i love Manchester city

  • where are the united documentaries im sick of having to always watch other team documentaries looool

  • De bruyne will be next 😀

  • Good inspiration to young players and fans for future and great documentary.

  • The blue moons saw me standing alone without a dream in my heart without a love of my own ....city forever💙💙💙💙💙

  • I don't know why but I've only just noticed this. I think the name must have been too similar to the "together" documentary and it passed me by.

  • Where syekh mansour

  • The goosebumps and tears I get in my eyes from all these moments. Wow.

  • True legends of our club , including all the players from the season 11/12 and particularly the QPR game

  • 55:45 mans is taking a selfie lmao great video tho city!! city we love you 💙

  • Respect!!!!!!

  • City is killing the content game. Props to your team!

  • This content looks like high quality corporate video, it’s not organic it lacks a soul.

  • As a Manchester City fan from Korea, it really feels like the club is doing a lot to inspire the fans and to acknowledge the legends that got city this far. These kinds of contents helps fans feel closer to the club, community and the players. Thank you for your efforts. Let's go Citizens!

  • Yaya?

  • yaya toure yaya toure yaya toure yaya toure yaya toure yaya toure yaya toure yaya toure!!!!!!! Hope you also remember what he did for you.

  • Amazing sculptures

  • Brilliant

  • Yaya toure deserves a statue too

  • A class film for 3 class players

  • beautiful film for beautiful players

  • Where is Yaya & Hart statues?

  • I think people here have forgot how influential was Toure in this team . People used to say there won’t be City without him

  • I feel he (Joe Hart) deserves the same award, even though I know he's not as popular or visible in his roles. he is a strong wall in my opinion in the city of manchester, even though at the end of the story he is just thrown away for free even if it's a waste. I feel joe hart deserves it, like if anyone thinks the same as me.

  • 2 more are needed, summerbee and bell deserve their recognition

  • Commission Yaya Toure's too Please, do it for we the African City Fans, Please, he deserves it!

  • city city

  • bruh they really trying to prove man city have history this is just sad

  • Harrrry kanne💯

  • Yaya deserves a statue!!!

  • Respect for City from Pakistan

  • wow City , you honoured your Heroes , Wow Brilliant Doc , incredible

  • Create a statue of them winning the champions league oh no they hunt won it

  • where ucl champion?5555555

  • The description of Micah saying “who cares what they think” is probably the best quote for city fans


  • Legends 💙

  • Got me teary eyed @ 10am in the morning

  • Dem three are club legends but you can't leave out Yaya Toure. You just can't leave him out

  • Oooooooh Edin Dzeko

  • What about YAYA?

  • the best club in the world love from India 💓💓

  • Whoever makes these documentary 👏 this is do good ohh how I love man city 😍💙 and yes kudos to the legends David Silva, Vincent Kompany and Sergio aguero 👏🙌😀

  • I disliked this video because of the sheer lack of respect to Yaya toure

  • Tony Book next

  • what about Yaya😢

  • Didn’t know Johnny Marr was a City fan

  • where is yaya toure

  • where is yaya toure

  • waiting for Aguerooooo

  • Inspiring

  • Let's gooooo

  • The lying jason methodologically annoy because brow antenatally attend a a neighborly piccolo. acceptable, unruly columnist

  • Excellent

  • Hopefully Grealish can become one of them as well!

  • If KDB wins a UCL he will be a premier league legend

  • Am a city fan buh yaya toure needs a stat oo

  • I remember a goal. Why always me?

  • Leader Magician Match Winner Legends

  • Still a tinpot club. Imagine silva,augero and kompany are legends in 100+ years of existence.

  • City is not 1 weekend ,city is for ever ,love my partner but city is my life is my true love ctid xx


  • 👑👑👑

  • Who cares what anyone thinks this is our team 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • A very deserved tribute to three of our greatest. And all are true gentlemen as well as outstanding footballers. Thank you to these City legends. And the stairs are amazing. Well done all involved in making it happen.

  • Yaya and Zabaleta?????

  • this is aweseome. Loved the stuff about Phil towards the end.

  • I get goosebumps every time I hear aguerrroooooo

  • love this so much

  • Yaya Toured also Magnificent in his day!!!

  • Our legend

  • 😥😥

  • thank you silva, company and aguero

  • Forever the citizens

  • Congratulations on an excellent film , really well done