Опубликовано: 11 сен 2021
Full time at the King Power, Three points in the bag! Join the Matchday Live Studio as David James and Nedum Onuoha look ahead to this afternoon's match against Leicester City!

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  • Where is KDB

  • Always injustice of racial repairs and will never come away. Where Riad Do not you 🖕🏻

  • My Bernardo😍😍😍

  • Last seasons champions league final still keeps me up at night

  • Grealish was great throughout I would say. Making spaces in the worst of situations and winning some close up set pieces for us. 💙

  • Grealish got a full 90 mins of play.🙂✊

    • @Cyclone Arti I hope he doesn't leave tho. He is great in some stressful situations and many a times pep brings him in at the second half for that reason. I literally don't wanna see riyad leaving city.

    • @Sir Blessed don't know , maybe Riyad will leave in January I'm Algerian and I know my man , something is off with him lately and his morals are low

    • @Cyclone Arti We all know Jesus loves passing wide and with a team against leicester that's more useful. Obviously riyad is also a great player but Jesus is more capable of passing between the spaces fluently

    • @Cyclone Arti coz Jesus had full fitness.

    • And why Mahrez didn't play ?

  • Bernando to the rescue⛑️⛑️

  • Ngl when the ball came to fernandinho in the 89th min, I thought it was gonna be up but thr ball miss the goal by less than a inch.😅

  • Dias, Eddy and Kyle were fire 🔥🔥 especially in thr first half.

  • Bon courage lik

  • Come on City💙

  • What's Pep's problem with Mahrez ?


    • @Nigel Cardoso so he don't need Mahrez now ?

    • Teams doing well

    • Non

    • Just resting him I guess

  • Mahrez, foden and KDB are comming soon

  • Happy birthday for Jack Grealish

  • Parabens Bernardo! Um golo importante! Ainda "ele" nao te queria!!!

  • 🔘 👎👎 - 🔴👍✌️👏 #manchasterisred #Cityburik

  • Riad. Garde espoir. Frère Et continue a bosse. Tous va se regle car du talent tu na

  • I love Manchester city and my top goals are coming up tomorrow on my channel

  • Bernado silva the real on fire🔥🔥🔥

    • Andrew and Tobey 😩😩😩

  • It looks like I keep scrolling past the goal from Bernardo Silva (the main thing in this video). I can't see it

  • What a game for Dias and Ederson